Who Needs a Scoliosis Brace in Phoenix, AZ

New research shows that almost 1 in 2 people over 55 Who Needs a Scoliosis Brace in Phoenix, AZ.  This is a number that has grown significantly and it is important to stop and consider it because it does not start that way.  As people age we are finding that something called a degenerative scoliosis begins to develop due to spinal neglect.  

The spine is a highly ignored part of health education so people do not know Who Needs a Scoliosis Brace in Phoenix, AZ because we as a society have not focused on its importance.  Starting out there is evidence that anywhere from 3-10% of people have scoliosis (abnormal curves in their spine) during their young development years.  This may seem acceptable as a low number if the story ended there.  (For those of you who know that you have scoliosis there is no percent of people that have scoliosis that is acceptable and I agree!!!). The fact that the numbers change from 10% to upwards of 50% is unacceptable if you are trying to avoid surgical intervention.  Thankfully this number could be greatly managed if people knew about the simple solution of three-dimensional over corrective bracing.  In order to try to improve your posture and try to avoid surgery it is important to know that bracing is an option now.  


Who Needs a Scoliosis Brace in Phoenix, AZ can be answered by performing a detailed analysis that can include X-rays, digital postural analysis, orthopedic examination and motion analysis.  This can be performed on an infant, a young child, an adolescent and an adult.  I would love to help you avoid the degeneration of your spine over time or to stabilize your spine through bracing if you know that you have had a scoliosis diagnosis in the past. 


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