Top Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

Top Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ is now available for infants, juveniles, adolescents and adults.  A group of doctors have collaborated to bring international education protocols and care systems to the East Valley.  This are a limited amount of doctors across the world that have training to conservatively manage scoliosis.  A group called SOSORT ( The International Scientific Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment ) has created guidelines that an important step forward in the care process for people who deal with a curved spine. 



Top Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ is important because people with curvatures in their spines have to deal with pain and dysfunction that comes from loss of stability in their spinal joints. Many times this is not recognized until the spine has accelerated its degeneration and it becomes apparent by their posture.   Screening shoud be done by someone who has been specifically trained to detect and manage scoliosis in order to avoid the "wait and see" method of care that has been traditionally followed.  "Wait and see" is only effective is someone is looking to have surgery.  Pro-active conservative methods have been shown through research tests to be extremely effective at helping people with spinal curvatures avoid surgery. 

Dr. James Sieffert and Dr. Michael Banman have a practice focus on Scoliosis.  They have chosen to focus on Top Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ because of personal family experience with scoliosis and the desire to help people avoid surgeries to their spines.  They have spent hundreds of extra hours pursuing spinal correction procedures and are bringing new tools and procedures to Phoenix and the East Valley to help others manage their spines.  They are currently accepting new patients.  

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