Top Rated Scoliosis Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Top Rated Scoliosis Treatment in Phoenix, AZ is now available at Scoliosis Centers AZ. Scoliosis requires attention to specific measurements and exam findings.  These posture findings can be easily screened at home but they must be tested at measured at an office that can X-ray and examine scoliosis.  Scoliosis Centers AZ has a practice focus on scoliosis and have been trained around the world with top conservative management scoliosis doctors.  


The US has a wait and see method of working with scoliosis that has been proven ineffective at avoiding surgery.  Top Rated Scoliosis Treatment in Phoenix, AZ looks to use conservative treatments that will help patients who are interested in avoiding surgery or prolonging it during periods of growth.  International studies have demonstrated that new 3-D bracing is very effective at helping those with scoliosis avoid surgery.  Methods have developed an changed from the times where bracing had been ineffective and cumbersome.  


Top Rated Scoliosis Treatment in Phoenix, AZ can  include specific spinal scoliosis exercises, spinal remolding and bracing.  The Doctors at Scoliosis Centers AZ have been trained using researched protocols of exercises, spinal rehabilitation and bracing.  Their experience and learning makes them part of a group of about 400 doctors around the world that focus on stabilizing scoliosis for their patients.  Their services can now be accessed online during this unique time for a Telehealth consultation by contacting the office by phone (480) 331-9695 or using the form below.  

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