Telehealth for Scoliosis in Phoenix, AZ

Exciting times now allow for Telehealth for Scoliosis in Phoenix, AZ.  Scoliosis Centers AZ has doctors that focus on conservative scoliosis care and are available for online appointments that can help determine the possibility of working together to create a plan for your scoliosis.   These are complimentary during these unprecedented times for people who want to attempt to avoid surgery. 

Scoliosis affects almost one in two adults over the age of 55.  Recent investigations into how this occurs have shown that the spine degenerates over the course of time when it is not checked.  Telehealth for Scoliosis in Phoenix, AZ can help discuss the condition that your spine is in due to your life circumstances, activities of daily living, traumas, motor vehicle crashes, sports injuries and all the things that occur over a lifetime.  Degeneration when left unchecked causes instability in the spine and it starts to collapse on itself. 


Your symptoms like back pain, neck pain, headaches, posture changes, weakness in the arms and legs, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs are discussed during Telehealth for Scoliosis in Phoenix, AZ appointments.  The doctor will be able to see your posture changes thanks to video/digital technology and give a first impression of whether or not further testing needs to be performed.  If positive history and visualized posture changes are found your next step would be to get images of your spine to measure the angles and curvatures in the spine.  Images like X-rays help the doctors find out the specific treatment that will be required for your spine with an effort to stabilize your curvatures and improve your posture.  

Take advantage of complimentary Telehealth consultations while you are sheltered in place. 

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