Spinal Kyphosis Care in Phoenix, AZ

If you need Spinal Kyphosis Care in Phoenix, AZ it is now available at Scoliosis Centers AZ.   Two local doctors have seen the need to offer non-surgical, conservative care for those that suffer from an exaggerated curvature in their backs.  


Spinal Kyphosis Care in Phoenix, AZ has been historically treated with exercises, physical therapy and rehabilitation using traditional exercises and pain relief modalities but there are more current strategies to effectively help those that have kyphosis or scheuremann's disease stabilize their spines.


Spinal Kyphosis Care in Phoenix, AZ will use an examination procedure that finds where the excessive rounding in the spine is originating and a protocol will be developed that will help restore balance to the spine and stabilize the joints that have become damaged or compressed.  The exam for kyphotic spines is the determining factor for coming to the best strategies that are required to help stabilize and possibly fix a spine that have an abnormal angle or curvature to it.  


The Doctors from Scoliosis Centers AZ are available at this time for limited appointments in person and they are also consulting online.  Please call (480)331-9695 to set up a time for your appointment to determine the proper care for your kyphosis. 

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