Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ is now available by a team of doctors that have a practice focus on helping people who have abnormal spinal curves.  Scoliosis and kyphosis are becoming a growing concern as it is now estimated by research samples that up to 50% of the adult population has degeneration in their spine that has led to scoliosis.  

Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ up to this point has been designated to younger adolescent females but this is rapidly changing.  Adolescent males and people over 55 have become susceptible to this spinal dysfunction and aesthetic posture change the more the condition has been studied.  

The good news about Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ is that it can be managed at Scoliosis Centers of AZ to help reduce pain, stabilize the spine and live a better quality of life.  Scoliosis Centers AZ use conservative scoliosis treatments to help people avoid drugs and surgery that can result as a part of the spine becoming more unstable over time.  Specific protocols that have been developed, mostly in Europe are used to help strengthen the back and 3-D bracing which has proven very effective to avoid surgery can be considered as a treatment approach.  

Scoliosis Centers AZ is located behind Mercy Hospital in Gilbert in Pain Stop and is currently accepting patients.  During this time an online consultation is being offered via Telehealth.  Fill out the form below or call us as soon as possible to reserve your time with the Doctors.   

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