Scoliosis Treatment – Don’t Wait!

Scoliosis progression is at highest risk during growth spurts.  Most surgeons take a wait and see approach to scoliosis despite growing evidence that conservative treatments are well supported by the scientific literature and international guidelines.

It is important that adolescents and their parents are given options to receive conservative care, such as structured observation, bracing, and/or scoliosis specific exercises. 

Patients have the right to be informed of all treatment options, not just wait until it becomes a surgical case. 

It is even more important in juvenile idiopathic scoliosis (JIS)  to explore all options, since young children’s risk of progression is very high.  Children with JIS and a Cobb angle of thirty degrees or more have a 100% prognosis for surgery if not intervened.

Remember there is no cure for scoliosis and the sooner these patients and their parents are educated about the condition the better.

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