Scoliosis Exercises in Phoenix, AZ

Scoliosis Exercises in Phoenix, AZ are prescribed using an extensive examination procedure that determines what shape and angles your spine is in.  This is an important part of a care plan that can be effective for helping stabilize the postures associated with scoliosis.  This is also different than doing normal exercises that are prescribed at a medical or alternative health care office. Using the right tools is important to maximize your results. 


Your Scoliosis Exercises in Phoenix, AZ should be prescribed based on the shape of YOUR spine and the different movement patterns that improve your posture and your curvatures. General gross movements can be beneficial or detrimental so it is important to get specific scoliosis exercises that are based on YOUR individual angles and curves.  

At Scoliosis Centers AZ we use an examination process that determines your personalized Scoliosis Exercises in Phoenix, AZ.  You cannot use someone else's exercises because they are designed specifically for you! They also change over time as you improve in posture and stability of the spine so consistent monitoring during growth and development is crucial.  


Scoliosis was considered a young female condition until research started to focus on the adult population.  It is now found as degeneration in almost 1 of 2 adults in North America.  Scoliosis exercises should be an essential part of your healthy aging plan.  We are available to consult with you online during this time to help you develop your specific scoliosis exercises.  We have training from Europe that allows us to give you a research based form of exercise that will help stabilize your posture.  Take advantage of your time at home and consult with us to determine how to best improve and stabilize your posture.

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