Scoliosis Care for the Elderly in Phoenix, AZ

The problem with Scoliosis Care for the Elderly in Phoenix, AZ is that the majority of people over 55 don't suspect that they have a degenerative scoliosis in their spine so they don't have it checked until it is too late for non-surgical options.  This is more prevalent and should be one of the first things looked at in adults who have back pain, poor posture (including loss of height), numbness and tingling in the legs and feet, weakness in the legs and back and digestive disturbances.  When the spine starts to destabilize due to degeneration there is a direct impact to the nerve roots that are along the spine and it can have neuromusculoskeletal effects.


Scoliosis Care for the Elderly in Phoenix, AZ is normally suggested when surgery is required.  Conservative care options can be used if degeneration is found earlier.  Then exercises, spinal rehabilitation and possibly 3 dimensional spinal bracing can be used to counteract the degeneration that causes the spine to destabilize.  Instability in the spine is the main reason surgery needs to be performed using surgical appliances to attach the spine together.  

Scoliosis Centers AZ provides Scoliosis Care for the Elderly in Phoenix, AZ because the doctors have been trained and have a practice focus on scoliosis care and the conservative management of abnormal spinal curvatures.  The posture you have tends to weaken over the years and it is important to work with a provider who has a focus on how to manage spinal decay and deterioration.  


You can call for a free online consultation during this time if you have posture problems, pain or already know that you have scoliosis to get started on learning how to manage your spine.  Call (480) 331-9695 to schedule.  

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