Scoliosis Care for Teens in Phoenix, AZ

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis requires Scoliosis Care for Teens in Phoenix, AZ.  Between the ages of 11 and 19 scoliosis which is a front to back spinal curve that is greater than 10 degrees progresses the most.  Teenagers experience a lot of growth and development and the spine is the stabilizing structure of the growing body.  This means that when the spine starts to develop with abnormal curvatures then Scoliosis Care for Teens in Phoenix, AZ can be necessary.  


Scoliosis Care for Teens in Phoenix, AZ should start with a doctor who has a practice focus on scoliosis care.  Scoliosis care can be broken down into two distinct forms of treatment: Surgical and Non-surgical.  Surgical care is used when a scoliosis reaches 55 degrees.  If a teen does not have a 55 degree curve or greater then a common approach is to "wait and see".  This means that doctors will not intervene with any particular care because surgery is the goal.  

A Non-surgical approach uses the results of a scoliosis exam to stabilize the curvatures in the spine through specific spinal movements, exercises, spinal rehabilitation and possibly 3-D bracing.  The conservative approach has a goal to avoid surgery and improve the posture or aesthetics of the spine.  The majority of people seek conservative approaches to avoid destabilization of the spine because it is more proactive.  


Scoliosis Centers AZ have a practice focus on conservative management of scoliosis.  Their doctors have focused on international study of methods that are used and researched to help reduce pain, stabilize the spine and improve the appearance of the curved spine.  Please call (480) 331-9695 to schedule your online consultation for conservative scoliosis management. 

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