Scoliosis Care for All in Phoenix, AZ

Scoliosis Care for All in Phoenix, AZ is available at Scoliosis Centers AZ.  Non-surgical scoliosis care involves four different aspects: specific scoliosis exercises, spinal rehabilitation, spinal remolding and bracing.  

Scoliosis Care for All in Phoenix, AZ begins with a consultation to determine if a person has the typical signs associated with scoliosis.  Once a scoliosis diagnosis is established then an examination should be conducted.  This can include orthopedic tests, muscle strength or imbalance tests, postural evaluation (digital), a test for the angle of trunk rotation (ATR) and X-rays.  Once exam findings are reviewed the appropriate care can be prescribed.  

Exercises for Scoliosis Care for All in Phoenix, AZ should be designed specifically according to exam findings.  They should be used to improve posture and any other deficiencies in objective findings.  Exercises to develop muscles symetrically can be contraindicted to help stabilize a spine with abnormal curvatures.  This is an important distinction to be made when comparing proper scoliosis care with regular and customary physical rehab.  A patient with abnormal curves will not get the same results as a person who has proper alignment according to x-rays.  

Posture is an important thing to correct for the appearance and perhaps the confidence of a person who has scoliosis.  Posture work can help improve the spine's appearance in someone who has scoliosis.  Scoliosis Centers AZ uses researched exercise methods to help people achieve their goals.  

If exercise is insufficient then passive spinal rehab and remolding is used for the spine and it is just like braces for the teeth. Tension over time helps stabilize ligaments and other structures around the spine and  improve the posture.  

The ultimate stabilization tool for scoliosis is a 3 dimensional over corrective brace system.  This is used for people that are highly motivated to avoid surgery at any age.  

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