Round Hunched Back in Phoenix, AZ

 A Round Hunched Back in Phoenix, AZ can now be cared for, stabilized and possibly corrected using specific protocols at Scoliosis Centers AZ.  Until recently a hunched back called kyphosis has progressively deteriorated over time with few options for care. Thanks to emerging protocols and new progress with kyphosis care it has become possible to effectively stabilize and even reverse kyphotic curves in the spine.   


Round Hunched Back in Phoenix, AZ can present as pain along the spine and aching in the spinal muscles. People who have rounded spines when viewing their posture from the side can range in age from young teenagers all the way up to 100 year old adults.   A significant sign of kyphosis in the younger years is the two muscles appear like straps along the sides of the spine.  These muscles reinforce the curvature and need to be address through specific neuromuscular care in order to resolve their tension along with passive care to the structure of the spine.


A scoliosis can be combined with a Round Hunched Back in Phoenix, AZ so a proper examination should be performed in order to determine all the misalignments that you are dealing with.   A strategy or plan that involves spinal rehab (remolding), spinal exercises and possibly bracing with a 3 dimensional overcorrective brace may be recommended for a short period of time.  

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