Non-Surgical Scoliosis Care in Phoenix, AZ

Non-Surgical Scoliosis Care in Phoenix, AZ is crucial as the population is seeing a steady incline in scoliosis cases as people age.  The majority of scoliosis care is used to help improve aesthetics and improve posture.  This is an important confidence boosting treatment that helps people avoid spinal changes and a crooked looking spine or back.  Scoliosis also impacts how the internal organs are located in the thoracic and abdominal cavity.  


Conservative care for scoliosis also known as Non-Surgical Scoliosis Care in Phoenix, AZ has been used in Europe for many years and the majority of effective  advancements in this field, especially in brace development, have been developed there. There are specific exercise protocols, spinal rehabilitation and bracing that can be used to help stabilize spinal curves, improve posture and help with proper movement mechanics.  These protocols are more effectively applied when someone who suspects they have a scoliosis is examined and their curves are measured to determine what type of care is going to get the best results. 

In certain cases surgery is required but Non-Surgical Scoliosis Care in Phoenix, AZ can be used pre and post surgery to improve outcomes.  The most important thing to do is consider a long term care plan for stabilizing the progression of bad curves in the spine.  This is unique and specific to each individual and in the majority of cases there is not a cookie-cutter approach of general exercises that will work on all scoliosis cases.  


Scoliosis Centers AZ has been established by two doctors from the Greater Phoenix Area and the East Valley who have family members with scoliosis. They saw a need for scoliosis care that was missing when they looked for care for the people they cared about.  They want the best results for people that have scoliosis and don't have all the information they need to get care that focuses specifically on posture improvement and spinal stabilization.  Call now to book your online consultation.  (480) 331-9695

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