Essential Kyphosis treatment in Phoenix AZ

Scoliosis Centers AZ use Essential Kyphosis treatment in Phoenix AZ to help people who want to avoid drugs and surgery. Conservative management of kyphosis is used for teens, adults and elderly people.  

The patients at Scoliosis Centers AZ have demonstrated  improvments in posture and function of the spine using Essential Kyphosis treatment in Phoenix AZ.  There are specific treatments that the clinicians use to help restore normal postures to people's spinal curvatures.  Abnormal spinal curvatures called kyphosis can be visualized on posture analysis from a person's side profile.  



Essential Kyphosis treatment in Phoenix AZ can be beneficial for the spine to regain its strength and position but there is also evidence that as a person ages that the shape of their spine can cause overall health problems and may even have a link to mortality rate.  The Annals of Internal Medicine showed in 2009 that there is a clinical significance associated with having an increased spinal kyphosis and other studies have demonstrated that there are ties to kyphosis and other health concerns like pulmonary conditions.  

Scoliosis Centers AZ uses conservative, non-surgical methods to help patients improve their posture and stabilize their spinal curves.  Call (480) 331-9596 to schedule a consultation or examination of your spine.  

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