Effective Scoliosis Care in Phoenix, AZ

Effective Scoliosis Care in Phoenix, AZ can be found at Scoliosis Centers AZ which has a practice focus on stabilizing spinal curves.  Scoliosis has been traditionally treated using a wait-and-see method that can end up in surgery.  


For those interested in avoiding surgery there is Effective Scoliosis Care in Phoenix, AZ that uses more conservative methods like exercises, spinal rehab and bracing.  Exercises should involve a specifically designed plan that is customized to the patient's scoliosis pattern.  Every scoliosis has unique tendancies of curves, twists and bends and cannot be managed accurately with imaging that is measured for all the angles involved.  Exercises should be designed to counteract all the curves, twists and bends that the patient's spine has developed.  

Passive spinal rehab can be used daily to help reform the ligaments that have become stretched or shrunken over time because of the abnormal shape to the spine. Spinal rehab uses a over corrective position that is passively applied to the scoliotic spine and confirmed by X-ray to see that the positioning is accurate and is able to change the position of the ligaments to stabilize the spine.  


If your goal is to avoid surgery for your scoliosis then Effective Scoliosis Care in Phoenix, AZ can include a brace for the spine.  In this area not just any brace will be effective.  A 3-dimensional overcorrective brace is one that will help stabilize the spinal curves and create an environment for the spinal curves to improve.  Effective bracing should involve monitoring and adjusting over time.  

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